8 de abril de 2015

Drone videos

A few drone videos around Scotland - 2013-14.

Glasgow University Tech Society (GUTS!) Hackathon.

Autonomous flight over University of Glasgow.

Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle.

1 de abril de 2015

Ball on Plate

First video of my Ball on Plate system. It's just the first version of the first alpha version of the first try, but it's cool to see how MATLAB is capable of recognizing the ball and actually can deal with all the data.
I'll be posting the second version of the project with better algorithms and a good explanation of the control equations really soon ;)

10 de dezembro de 2013

20K views do HACKião!

droneBull #2 - using buffer size to identify change of patterns and map a room

Get ready to get high without drugs.

In summa: we have a camera. We have a video stream. We have the size of the video buffer. We have a codec that increases the size of the video buffer every time something changes in the screen. We have walls with well defined patterns. Every time the camera focuses other wall, the buffer size increases because that's how the codec (FFmpeg's codec) works. Capisce? 

I realised that the final goal of this project will be something like an autonomous waiter.
"ok, drone, I want a blue Reb Bull"
And the drone flies arround the room (or the house), finds the RB and brings to me.
Once again, my laziness won.

After 'solving' the problem of identify a specified object in a room, I will try to explain my plan to map an entire room with the drone camera.

droneBull #1

The objective of the project is to use Node.js+AR.Drone 2.0+java camera modules to identify a can of Red Bull and hover in front of it.

In this test, I'm using node-dronestream to show the images in the browser (I forgot to maximize it, sorry for that) and node-opencv to process the images from the camera.

The drone is programed to roam randomly arround an imaginary square (1,5 m²) and hover as soon as the red can is found. I'm using the sonar to know the vertical movement and the bottom camera for the horizontal movement.

I'm really happy with the results, because this first version only aims to find a red blur in the image, but it was enough to identify the can and hover (didn't worked for a long time because my bed fumbled the automatic stabilization routine).

Once the batteries recharge, I'll upload more videos.

The commented source code will be available after my final exams :P

18 de setembro de 2013

[TUTORIAL] Como inserir colas... Digo, anotações na HP 50g/49g+

Essa vai para aqueles que compraram uma HP 50g/49g+ e querem colocar aquelas "anotações" básicas na sua querida calculadora gráfica que também permite a visualização de textos.

1) uma calculadora HP 50g ou 49g+;
2) um computador (qualquer SO) com o driver da calculadora instalado (Windows/Mac) e/ou slot para cartões de memória (Windows/Mac/Linux);
3) um cartão de memória SD.


[TUTORIAL] Instalando Programas na HP 50g/49g+
[TUTORIAL] Um modo fácil de calcular equações simbólicas na HP 50g/49g+

29 de julho de 2013

Mini-Amplificador de Guitarra usando LM386


Eu sempre quis fazer um amplificador de guitarra que desse pra levar pra qualquer lugar. Levar um amplificador normal é um trabalho gigantesco e só serve pra desmotivar a indiada hehe.

Enfim, resolvi montar um amplificador de guitarra com o Amplificador Operacional LM386-1. Dá aquela expandida básica no post pra ver melhor como funciona!